The Obligatory Preliminary Jibber jabber.

19 Aug

I resisted long enough.

So I thought I’d be the only guy in seminary (or Pasadena, for that matter) without a blog. I’m thinking that to not be the case anymore. I’ve been wanting to start a journal or free-write exercise on my computer… but I didn’t have any motivation to do so. Knowing other people can read this stuff, though, creates a little incentive, b/c I like to share ideas. And certainly ideas and opinions formed in a box are not as complete as those that are allowed to be influenced and shaped by others. Such dialogue has been extremely formative for my studies so far, and this might be just one more avenue in which to develop these ideas. Also, I want to write books someday, so it’d be a good idea to practice writing (even though I have 50+ pages of writing due over the next few weeks… ugh.)

I’m not sure if I’m gonna tell anyone quite yet about this. That would mean I would have to stick with it, and I’m not so sure I’m ready to commit yet. (yes, this is an ongoing pattern in my life. Thanks for the reminder.)

I will spare the Internet community with a monologue of my origins and such. If you wanna know, I’ll tell you, but most people that will read this, if any, will be those who know me. The profile’s good enough for now. Although, I hope people from elsewhere feel compelled to respond, Christians and non-Christians (I figure I will probably offend both in equal measure anyway), guys and gals, and those from different ethnic and social contexts… b/c I need to learn from y’all (I do use my one “Texasism” with frequency, sorry.) and to stretch beyond my own context.

So, there’s the obligatory introduction to my blog. I am officially in the cool kids club. Now I’m gonna go study like a good boy.

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