Back from the Volf conference.

08 Feb

So I’m posting again… I just got back from the emergent conference, feeling very “emergent,” although quite tired and having a barrel-full of work to do. To quickly sum, here are some convictions I’ve come to from this week:

1) New York City is an amazing phenomenon and landmark of American history. And it’s just stinkin’ cool. I found my great-g’father’s manuscript from when he got off the boat at Ellis Island, I looked up the Statue of Liberty’s dress, I visited St. Paul’s Chapel, Washington’s pew, the WTC site, Times Square, saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, watched the Super Bowl in Greenwich…. all great fun.

2) My blog sucks and needs pictures. And postings, for that matter.

3) I am a selfish American bastard who is very thankful that God is patient with him.

4) Miroslav Volf has more intellect in his snot-rockets than most of us…yet he still manages to be incredibly humble and to have a generous spirit.

5) There are amazing people doing amazing things in churches and leadership boards around the country…which I would do well to remember when I’m about ready to cast American churches into Gehenna.

6) Going on long trips without my CDs is a bad idea.

7) It will take a long time before I am able to process this week fully. Hopefully getting into the blog conversation with others from the conference will help.

And in that vein, I plan to start posting more regularly… so more to come soon.

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Posted by on February 8, 2006 in Muffins


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