what a night to finally turn on the Olympics.

18 Feb

Lindsey Jacobellis was in a clear route to victory in the first ever Olympic women’s snowboard cross. She had survived some very tough competition in the previous runs, she fought her way to the lead after coming from the far side of the track to cut in front of everyone, and two of the trailers ended up wiping out bad (one left the mountain on a stretcher). She had a commanding lead by the home stretch, no one was close; she only had to coast for the gold. Then she did a method air on the last jump to show off for the crowd. Then she fell. And she ended up getting the silver.

Jerry Seinfeld comes to mind: In the Olympics, gold is great, of course; bronze is at least something. But silver is like the Committee saying, “Congratulations. You’re the first loser. No one lost better than you.”

My dad also comes to mind: Don’t showboat. Don’t hog the ball; don’t be afraid to use the backboard; play it safe. Jacobellis could’ve used my dad’s help last night.

This afternoon I’m recovering from a 4-hour marathon Ultimate frisbee excursion. And beginning work on my Gospels paper. Hopefully I can stay awake.

(btw… this is my first post w/ a pic! Quite a moment for blogging history. Hopefully it turns out.)

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