End of the quarter time.

08 Mar

Welp, it’s that time again. Particularly sad for me, since this quarter marked the beginnings of much more fruitful blog-ologue than before…but it is unlikely that I’ll be adding any new posts until after my finals are done and papers turned in. So sad…I’m gonna try to keep up w/ the lenten devotional, and I may make a random posting here and there, but don’t expect much.

That said, I have several things I want to dialogue about w/ people when the next quarter gets underway:

1) Keeping on the “embrace” conversation, and w/ Kyle’s related “fav” word, “ubuntu
2) the importance (and the distortions) of personal piety/devotion.
3) a vision of a socioeconomically diverse church.
4) what to do w/ this 100$ I keep toting around (see “kingdom assignment” post)
5) (if anyone’s interested) philsophical discussion of human composition, existence of a soul, and a “spiritosomatic” unity)
6) why the Spurs are the best team in the NBA (and will always be better than the Lakers.)

#5 sounds strange; it comes from some thoughts I’ve developed from my class with Nancey Murphy this last quarter regarding Anglo-American postmodern philsophical thought. That last term in #5 is one I made up, and is an idea I’m speculating about, so I don’t expect much feedback about that as of yet. I would like to hear any thoughts regarding 1-4 from others (inc. the wino Texas law student 🙂 ) who might have thoughts. Post ’em here and I will post my thoughts in response when I emerge from my study lair.

In conclusion, Benny Hinn is a putz.

Addendum to conclusion: Sam, spare me w/ telling me how the Clippers beat us last night. I know you’re not a Clipper. You’re gold and evil purple through and through. And I give the Clips my utmost respect. Now we’ll wait till Friday.

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