does government exist for the people? US Politics say no. Again.

28 Mar

I would post more on politics if I didn’t feel so ignorant of the issues. (Mainly b/c it’s hard for me to take the time to keep up on current events. I really try, though.) But the immigration hoopla is getting pretty big. Yesterday whole highways were blocked off by protesters in LA.

The debate is intriguing to me…as is the vehemence with which some supporters of the new bill appear to have towards the goal of keeping out illegal immigrants and punishing those that are already here. I remember a few years ago when Bush first proposed the guest-worker plan, and thought it was a good compromise that at least attempted to deal with the reality of the issue. Seems that the Senate has other ideas.

I’m admittedly not a Bush-ite, but I respect his views on immigration laws. I just wish he would take a more defiant stand against his own party, which unfortunately, too often, believes it runs the country.

Read the BBC article here.

Again, the issue is people…people who getting lost in the mix of a political war. A pattern that repeats far too often.

give me your tired, your poor, huddled masses yearning to be free…

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