church becoming too feminine? these guys should hear BBT.

25 Apr

Rhett Smith posted on an article put out by Biola’s magazine regarding the recent popular Christian movement to make Christian males, well, more male. (Personally, I think we as a church should be more concerned about the first half of that title, seeing as how that’s our job and all.) Now, who’s standard of “masculinity” are we going by? And to those who think this is self-evident–how far do we take are ideas of what males are supposed to be like? Anywho, go and read his thoughts… which I pretty much share.

go to rhett’s blog

Btw- I’ve heard it said before by friends that “something bothers (them) about women preachers… I mean, I may be inclined to think it’s ok for them to preach, but I’ve never heard a good one, so…it’s hard for me to think that they’re actually called to preach.”

Yesterday in my preaching class we watched various sermons on tape from some of America’s top preachers. We watched three males to start… and then Barbara Brown Taylor, a (now former) Episcopalian pastor came on the screen… and it was the most powerful sermon out of the bunch, easily. The room laughed uproariously when Jeremiah Wright (African-American UCC pastor) cracked jokes; it chuckled nervously at Tom Long’s wide-eyes as he preached… but it sat in stunned silence as Rev. Taylor spoke of the quiet, unpretentious ways the church actually sometimes manages to do its job by reaching out and loving others, in spite of itself…mostly by telling simple, compelling stories.

I’m not gonna lie… my eyes welled up a bit. She can be my pastor any day…esp. if her pastoral capabilities are half as good as her preaching abilities.

(She’s an adjunct prof at Columbia… I hope my friend Whitney gets to take her homiletics from her.)

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