Um, two more. … this time re: slavery and fair trade.

26 Aug

1. Article on Cadbury’s recent move to increase its fair trade cocoa commitment, now extending into its Australia, Canada, and New Zealand markets.

Get a load of this paragraph:

“Cadbury’s move’s expected to quadruple Ghana’s fair trade cocoa sales. Of course, if you live in the U.S., you may be wondering why Cadbury bars here aren’t going to be getting the fair trade certification mark. The reason: Hersheys. Explains the Labor Rights Forum blog: ‘In the US, Hershey owns the license to produce most Cadbury chocolate here and unlike many companies, Hershey has not committed to any certification programs to improve working conditions for cocoa farmers.’

Read the article in context here.

2. Check out this trailer for a new documentary coming out Sept 15 in NYC… Hopefully it makes it onto the big screen out on the West Coast, too.

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