Thinking theologically: My (and our) future plans.

17 May

After nine months of unexpectedly leaving Southern California and moving to Texas to live with my grandmother-in-law while she recovered from health problems… after nine months of various but scattered ministry opportunities and lots of prayer, study, writing…we’re finally officially announcing our future plans:

In September I will begin a Ph.D. program in Theology and Education at Boston College.

It is a unique "interdisciplinary" degree (i.e., a "cross" between a theology and education degree, although it probably leans in focus towards the former) that I believe would prepare me for a task that I have become more and more passionate about over the years: not merely teaching the right theology to future pastors… but teaching pastors how to think theologically, and how to engage their community in a theological way. Boston College, further, is a Jesuit school, and the Jesuit tradition has a long history of studying and practicing holistic formation.

In my opinion, the way we teach theology in Protestant seminaries, becomes the way that those pastors, in turn, teach and lead their communities. If we teach in static, disconnected, non-questioning, reductionistic ways; pastors will preach and lead their congregations in static, disconnected, non-questioning, reductionistic ways as well. But if we empower pastors to think theologically, they will in turn empower their congregations to think theologically, that they might begin exegeting their communities for the sake of God’s kingdom together.

For more about us, check out our family update blog.

For more on the program, check out their webpage.

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