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Okay, okay… some Rob Bell-related comments (part one).

Well, on Tuesday I was nearly refusing to post about Rob Bell—mostly out of frustration that Love Wins has created so much, in all likelihood, needless attention. 

Now, only a few days later, I’ve hit my limit of standing idly by.

Especially since, after another period of blog-reading and reflecting (and subsequent fuming), I had no less than five blog post ideas pop into my head. 

And so rather than continue to fight this urge, I now present to you, the reader:  five mini-posts about the now-infamous Rob Bell…. over the course of the next five days. 

Ugh… I mean seriously, doesn’t he just LOOK evil?  With that perfectly placed hair, always wearing glasses…. and those, uh, hands!  Hide the children, already!

mini-post #1: Really, Kevin DeYoung?

[…see me have a mini-aneurism, after the jump.]

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