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Unity in love; unity in purpose—possible, or a pipe dream?

This post is a part of the Rally to Restore Unity hosted on Rachel Held Evans’ blog.

NOTE:  I largely wrote this post last night, prior to learning about the Bin Laden death.  Thus, I make no mention of it.  I’ll just say here, no matter your perspective on it, that I hope we could consider this apposite RTRU sign(Courtesy of @WritingJoy). 

If you knew me back in my high school and (especially) college days, you would probably know that the concept of Christian unity was always a passion of mine.  I always felt like the church’s fragmentation and Christians’ general distrust towards each other was a tragedy, and that God has called the church to live and act as one… and that by remaining fragmented, the church’s message to the world would continue to be tarnished. 

Of course, I should clarify that by “concept” of Christian unity…I meant: “If only all churches would just believe the same things THAT I DO, and care about the things I CARE ABOUT, then we would be able to truly be one again.”

Of course, I didn’t think about it that way at the time… back then, I would’ve said it this way:

“If only all churches believed what the Bible says…. then we would be truly one.” 

So simple!  Why hadn’t anyone else thought of this before???  Smile 

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Today is Adventure Project Day: Give Clean Water




Today, bloggers around the country are asking their readers to help out with one of the least sexy, yet most important ways that we can change the world:  Provide safe, clean drinking water for the entire world. 

We have more than enough money to do it—we lack only the compassion and drive. 

It’s easy to get burned out on the cries for social causes; the cries for support can become so ubiquitous that we turn off our awareness altogether.  I’m guilty of this, too.  But let’s not let the fact that we’re easily bored, stop us from accomplishing what should be relatively easy.

click here for your opportunity to help.


From their website;  this is what your money will do:

water project

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