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A Public Service for the Uninformed: Catching up on Egypt.

As the protests in Egypt continue but as the US coverage has (in my observation) somewhat waned in the past few days, you may be ashamed to say that, alas, you did not keep up very well with the events in Egypt last week. [perhaps as you were busy trying to keep warm] No judgment here for your apathy up to now; don’t worry!  In fact, in an effort to help you catch up, all the while avoiding the usual suspects of talking heads that skew deliver our news, may I present to you [as a fellow apathy-prone person] a collection of articles that have been helpful to me as I am attempting to make sense of what is happening:

(Note:  It should not be assumed that all the views in these articles represent my own opinion. I did, however, find them all refreshing, informative, and well-articulated on the whole. )

Christians and Muslims: We are all Egyptians: a blog article by the acclaimed Iranian-American scholar of religion Reza Aslan

Washington’s Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood: From the New York Review of Books blog delineating the history of the clandestine organization with the United States government

How Democracy can Work in the Middle East: from Time (Fareed Zakaria)

What’s Happening in Egypt? A Summary: Joy Malek-Evans updates the news regarding the protests from Facebook.

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