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New Questions– Compelling reasons for faith. (ANKC/God-Notes)

This week features both: 1) A change in blog theme, if you haven’t already noticed, and 2) Returning to posts inspired by A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren.  Almost too much awesomeness to handle all at once, I know.  Take deep breaths if you get dizzy. 

There, there.  Everything’s going to be fine.

Actually, my line of thinking for this post originates from a conversation I had with a youth at our church last week about his faith, and the nature of faith in general.  He had some amazing spiritual insight for his age (16), and drew from a variety of religious sources to get there, including a bit of sensationalized religious “wisdom” passed on from peers.  In other words, as research would tell us, he is your typical American teenager [although I’ll give him higher than average marks for spiritual awareness and humility, imo].

It brought my memory back to a familiar question that I faced regularly in college, as I confronted religious diversity for the first time:  “What are the essentials of my belief system?”…. [which is followed by the important corollary:  “Why are they so essential, and what’s actually at risk if those essentials are muddied or disregarded?”]   

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God-Notes: “10 Questions that are Transforming the Faith”

[The first half of this post is basically an update on this blog as a whole.

The second half explains and sets up the following series of posts on Brian McLaren’s book A New Kind of Christianity. 

Please plan your post-reading/skimming accordingly… and remember to hydrate. ]


As I have made a return to the blogging world, I have been looking for an opportunity to jump-start the conversation on here.  While I’ve wanted a more focused and intentional blog, I’ve found that without a little flexibility allowed on my own end, my blogging ceases function altogether.  I am, after all, a P on my Myers-Briggs.  Like, I’m not even a little J.  So don’t even try to fence me in. [Little sensitive, aren’t we?]  For me, discipline must be interwoven with choice. 

Seriously, when I started the new blog kickoff this past July, I wrote about 30 (!) “half-posts” on various topics.  You see, my idea for the blog has been to discuss “God-language” (i.e., the “notes” of the faith)…. how words are used/misused, why they may need to be re-conceived, etc.  For example, I still have half-posts [as I was apparently only half-inspired] on my hard drive dealing with the following words: 

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Thursday is Question Day!

This was always my favorite one.

Is there a correlation between shtick and consistency, when it comes to blogging?

I sure hope so, because I’m giving it a try!


Respond to the following question as thoughtfully as you can, and I’ll respond to as many comments as I can.

What is one thing that most clearly separates humans from animals?

I have my answer, but I’ll let you chime in first.

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